[@OTFMUSIC88] and [@BurgundySon] get together ‘For Life’

Dutch artist On The Fence link up with Burgundy Son on For Life.

Now whenever there’s a new sound we try to work out where it fits in by making some comparisons, so that’s where I’ll start. OTF has somewhat like a Justin Bieber approach to R&B, but Post Malone may be a closer comparison just because of instrumental selection. OTF is much more a singer rapper than a traditional R&B artist, but I guess this is just how the sound has adapted. So when you hear the track don’t expect Usher level vocals, instead some of the more melodic sections are aided by vocal effects.

For Life screams mood. There’s no other way to describe it, it is a mood heavy track. It is dark, bassy but definitely a vibe. Testament to this mood description are the places OTF has featured already. Although a relative newcomer to the music scene OTF has quickly built his credibility having been featured in Spotify‘s ‘Mellow Bars’ playlist, Red Bull‘s playlist, as well as already having done a session with COLORS.

Burgundy Son jumps on for a quick verse that is a nice change of pace on the track just due to not relying on too many effects. Burgundy Son also has this blend of an English and American accent which works extremely well with his style and let him get away with pronouncing things in both accents with neither sounding forced.

Wondering about the scooter in the video? Well it’s intended to be:

A clear symbol that these two will cruise For Life!

The track overall, is a celebration of both friendship and musical achievements in the past year for the pair and their Purple Planet label. This is just the start of things to come from OTF in 2018.

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