Creator Jordan Abdul Explores The Rituals of Carnival In ‘Tallawah’

Trinidad Carnival this year, would have begun last Friday and ended tomorrow. Unfortunately due to Covid, Trinidad Carnival, which many look forward to has been cancelled.

This news inspired Jordan Abdul, a 20-year-old multi-disciplinary creative based in Toronto, Canada, to capture the carnival spirit in a photo series that is also the debut for his collective ‘Tallawah Sound System.’

Exhibiting practices such as “Jouvert Morning” – where carnival goers in the Caribbean cover their skin with black paint and coloured powder to blend in with the crowd, signifying a united collective, or the costumes worn by carnival goers, Jordan aims to highlight the beautiful traditions of Caribbean culture.


Creative Director Jordan Abdul
Photographers Deion Squires-Rouse, Zain Elberdi
Byron | Carnival Costume, Blue Shorts, Doc Martens
TK | Grenada Flag, Fitted, Tank Top
Leek | Gold Durag, Army Pants, Tank Top
Talitha | Tank Top, White Pants, Large Jamaica Flag
Santos | (Tank Top, Tattoos on Arm, Trinidad Flag Tied Around Head)
Rhianna | (Pink and Blue Carnival Costume)
Celena | (Gold Carnival Costume)

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