Photographers Resort To FaceTime During Coronavirus Pandemic

Facetime Photography

Is FaceTime The Future of Photography?

Living in a newly self-isolated world it is hard to think about what is next for many beloved industries. Creative souls are stuck indoors and although some things haven’t changed too drastically for the loner personalities – which includes me – there remains a relevant concern for what the future faces for industries like fashion, art, and photography. With lockdown happening in countries all over the world, it seems that the creative world has been hit particularly hard.

However, it seems that the world of photography has found a new lease of life with the growing trend of ‘Facetime photography’. Even though photographers and their muses will remain separate for the time being, many are still having fun with portrait photography through FaceTime.

How does it work? Well, it first relies heavily on the photographer’s direction skills. The photographer guides the model through the space of their home or bedroom, where they are to pose for their smartphone whilst the photographer on the other side screenshots the image. Unfortunately, the quality of the images will not always be the best but it is still an amazing way to flex your creative muscles and keep your photographic eye sharp during isolation! 

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