Politics: The Timeline of Events that led to the Black Lives Matter Movement 2020.

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter Movement in 2020 and The Timeline of Events That Led To It

George Floyd

May 25th, 2020 – The Death of George Floyd

George Floyd, an unarmed African-American man was killed at the time of his arrest by a white police officer; Derek Chauvin. The murder occurred after an arrest of Floyd was made when a deli employee called the police when Floyd allegedly made an attempt to purchase an item with a $20 counterfeit note. Four police officers responded to the call and proceeded to make the arrest. Video recording by witnesses shows Floyd falling twice as he was escorted by the police. Derek Chauvin was then recorded kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, choking him as he pleaded “Please, I can’t breath” and “don’t kill me”.

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May 26th, 2020 – The Protests In Minneapolis

After video footage of George Floyd’s death circulated on social media, hundreds of Minneapolis residents took to the streets, to demand justice for Floyd’s murder. Crowds marched over two miles to the police precinct. With the help of social media, countries all over North America were quick to organise peaceful protests in their cities to raise awareness of Floyd’s case and the issue that faces black communities all over America. This would mark the beginning of the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement.

May 27th, 2020 – Minneapolis police fire the four officers involved in the incidents

After the growing pressure from the Minneapolis “Black Lives Matter” protestors and petitions. The Minneapolis police chief, Medaria Arradondo, fires all officers involved in the incident and launches an FBI investigation into Floyd’s death.


May 28th – International protests begin in the name of “Black Lives Matter”

Countries outside of the United States begin protesting, including the United Kingdom. Specifically going to areas like the U.S Embassy, to show solidarity with the BLM protestors in America as well as protesting against the police brutality in their own country.

May 29th – Derek Chauvin Charged With Third-Degree Murder and Second-Degree Manslaughter

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension arrested Chauvin Friday morning. He faces charges that carry a combined maximum sentence of 35 years.

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Now – Black Lives Matter Makes History

The Black Lives Matter movement made history over the last weekend, by being the largest civil – gathering of people for a single cause in history. Activists from all 50 states in the U.S and 17 countries including London protested in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.


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