Prem takes his first step as an artist on The Major Move

The Major Move is the debut EP from the multi-talented Prem.

Prem may seem like a new name but The Major Move EP is by no means his first musical outing. Before he decided to pick up the mic formally on tracks he was the man behind them working as a producer. He has been producing for a while and one of the artists he’s most notably produced for is Novelist, who is also his brother. Now finally stepping into the role of an artist Prem is curating the entirety of his sound from the production to the rapping.

The 6 track EP feels like an ode to the classic UK road rap sound of 2009, but it doesn’t sound dated at all. Instead, it’s imposing beats and more laid back delivery feel like they cut through because they don’t sound like anyone else that’s out at the moment. This is also aided by Prem‘s natural cadence being relatively low which makes his voice distinct yet authoritative.

The standout tracks from The Major Move for me are ‘No Dance’ and ‘No Truce’. They both emphasise Prem‘s ability lyrically as well as show that he can do slower or faster tempo music without either feeling out of his comfortable range. They also show the diversity in flows that Prem has as he of course has to switch things up with the tracks being at different tempos.

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All in all The Major Move is an extremely solid project and as a first release as a rapper, one Prem can be proud of. This is only the start of things to come from Prem so make sure you keep an eye out for him if you’re feeling this one

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