Premier: Olivia Louise [@Olivia_LouiseUK] releases New EP “Earth Stuff”

Chester born singer, Songwriter Olivia Louise grew up on the sounds of neo-soul and iconic influences such as Lauryn Hill which explains her soulful melodies and vibes. She describes her music as a hybrid of future R & B and UK Garage which certainly makes for a blissful concoction when mixed with her smooth and sweet tones.

Her last EP “Star Stuff”, released at the end of last year, was a collaborative project with French producer Gautier. If you were a fan of her last project you’ll certainly love this new joint release, “Earth Stuff” with ATL producer Question.

Her words on the EP:

For all the earthlings going through STUFF! Our experiences here on earth; the highs, the lows, the journey, the process, its pretty much a diary of my life for the past few months.

The introduction is a beautiful prelude to the rest of the EP as she rhythmically summaries her current mind state whilst sharing her feelings on herself, her insecurities and her thoughts on the music industry. As the soft and tranquil instrumentals beautifully transition from one to another it quickly becomes obvious that some of these ‘lows’ include being under appreciated by a lover. Track 4 “Crazy” literally displays how crazy she is as she vividly describes how she’ll “put a bullet through you’re b*tch” and another one “in your d*ck” if you cheat on her. With such a sweet face and voice it’s hard to take such threats seriously but we get the message, she means business.

A video was released recently for “Cup of Tea” featuring upcoming rapper Jords and it’s definitely a heartfelt one:

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Despite most the songs being relationship based none of the songs on the 10 track project are your typical love song. Track 6 “Roll It Light It F*ck It” featuring Manga explores her relationship with her own self and her relationship with what seems be her favourite green plant. With samples from Aaliyah and Afroman it’s obvious that Olivia’s influences are legends of the past but we love how her and Question infused those old school melodies with some very futuristic sounds in this magnificent project. On that note, we are certainly excited to see what the future holds for Olivia and can’t wait to hear more from this young star.

Have a listen to the EP and let us know what you think.

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