BenjiFlow [@benjiflow_] Stuns Again On New Single ‘Can’t Lose’

The North London producer and multi-instrumentalist captures the essence of UK Soul and brings his own atmospheric sound to the forefront.

During an interview with GUAP in February, Benjiflow said “my music doesn’t fit into one genre, it’s a feeling”. With his new single ‘Can’t Lose’, this rings true. His ability to seamlessly evoke emotion and feeling through his sound is more apparent than ever.

‘Can’t Lose‘ was premiered on Sunday night with DJ Target as ‘Target’s Embargo’, it has already received support from the likes of HungerTV, Radio1 and Beats 1.

The track begins with a hollow guitar melody, within seconds it morphs into a knockout of a song. Benji gives a mellow and bouncy vocal performance. The catchy chorus is thickened with smooth backing vocals.

The accompanying visual is a simple tracking shot with low lighting, The camera pans and dodges to catch up with Benji himself, showing him stroll through a range of scenarios.

It shows that the track speak for itself and is built for enjoyment. The video almost suggests ‘Can’t Lose’ is the perfect soundtrack to laugh, drink, dance and periodically think to.

BenjiFlow says on his new single, “It’s time to up the vibes, and make you dance with rhythm, melody and love”.

It is the perfect follow up from his outstanding last single ‘Deep End’.

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At only two minutes and fifty three seconds, this track simply doesn’t feel long enough. But it demonstrates why BenjiFlow is one of the most versatile upcoming artists in the UK.

You can buy and stream ‘Can’t Lose’ here.

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