CHAII is launching her Lightswitch EP with the visuals to ‘Nobody Know’.

‘Nobody Know’ is the first in a trilogy of videos that are going to be dropped from CHAII‘s incoming Lightswitch project. The project as a whole came about due to CHAII‘s deeper learning about Iran’s Islamic Revolution of 1979. The revolution led to a lot of creative Persian talents moving over to California, as during that period their works were often banned. Up till today, California has the biggest Persian community outside of Iran and with CHAII‘s Persian heritage she made the trip over to California to film her videos for this project.

Before we can really talk about ‘Nobody Know’ we have to look at CHAII‘s musical style. She blends typical American styles with Persian influences, which means sonically there isn’t really anyone like her. On ‘Nobody Know’ this is amplified by her co-producing the track with Soraya LaPread who is also half Persian and therefore truly understood what they were working towards in terms of sound. In the end what we get with that is something akin to a mix of Rap and Persian influenced percussion with a more Rock feeling core melody.

The energy of the track is infectious and this is matched in a strong visual style. But in terms of the video, I’ll let CHAII do the talking for me.

I kept the video concept simple and playful. I wanted it to match the freestyle energy of the song. It plays with the idea of appearing and disappearing in the music scene, while leaving a mark. No-one gives a damn about trying to fit in these days, which is something I love about what’s happening right now.

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This is only the start of things to come from CHAII, so look out for the Lightswitch EP that will be dropping soon as well as her follow up visuals from the project.

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