PREMIERE: Eliza Legzdina – Backflip [@ElizaLegzdina]

Eliza Legzdina drops the long awaited video to her fan favourite track “Backflip”.

For those of you that have been following Eliza Legzdina‘s journey, you’ll know “Backflip” has been well overdue. Initially teasing the track with a live rendition for our lveMUSIC. series, it’s been more than a year since the public heard that and them finally getting the official audio and now visuals to coincide with it. It’s interesting to have “Backflip” release now as sonically Eliza seems to be in a much different place with a lot of her more recent releases sitting more comfortably in the electronic world. But the track has been important for her in so many ways so it is only right that in a period of transition she pays homage to those that have been along the journey with her so far by giving them a track they’ve been yearning for.

“Backflip” is a cut that doesn’t really fit neatly into any one genre. The main melody is a sample of a Turkish bağlama and then the drums and bass have elements of both electronic and Rap to them. Producer Halal Dog (who also worked on her debut project) created something that would only feel right in the hands of Eliza and she delivers on his out of the box creation. At moments it feels reminiscent of MIA‘s early sound but made contemporary, especially in the subject matter.

It is a feel good in your face track about, well about doing backflips, metaphorically and literally. It’s typical Eliza if you know her work – it’s fun, it has a number of musical influences infused in its DNA, and it is sexy – it’s a reclamation of female sexuality with her flipping gender norms on their head at points throughout the song. The video directed by Femi Anderson and choreographed by Joshua Ivey captures this essence and celebrates the self expression in the song through momentum and physicality with some comedic elements added in for some extra levity.

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You can stream “Backflip” here or watch it being performed live here.

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