Premiere: Gabriella Vixen – Fool (Acoustic)

​Gabriella Vixen ​has firmly established herself as one to watch, with her possession of a power and lyrical prowess that is undeniable. 2018 saw Gabriella make her mark and present herself as gentle and emphatic, yet strong and empowering. Her debut single ‘​Golden’ w​as described as ​’A masterful slice of R&B with a stylish edge’ ​by ​Clash Magazine​ which was then followed on by ‘​Maybe’​ and ‘​Old Mistake​’.  Vixen has seen support from ​Spotify ​and ​Apple Music​, where she has hit numerous editorial playlists, along with radio support from ​Capital Xtra, BBC Introducing ​and ​’Unsigned Track of The Week’ ​from ​DJ Target and additionally BBC 1xtra, Rebecca Judd, Rinse FM ​and more.

Released on Valentine’s Day, ​Gabriella​’s latest offering ​’Fool’, ​is an empowering message to those who maybe, for the first time in a long time are spending it alone or with friends. It’s about being free to finally break free and give yourself the happiness you deserve. Fool ​is an edgy R&B, pop cut produced by ​Eddie Serafica. Speaking about ​the single Gabriella Vixen ​says ​”‘Fool’ is about understanding that for as long as you keep giving, there is a person who will continue to take and never truly play their part. It’s a song about escaping the potentially devastating effects of someones huge ego and selfish ways. To me this song means freedom and confidence, no longer being played for a fool. It means realising your worth and escaping a toxic situation.”

Thankfully we have been blessed with the opportunity to premiere the acoustic version of her latest single. She says “I wanted all of my girls together for the video to show gratitude for them being there for me and also to empower women all around the world to who are finding the strength to get out of a toxic relationship.” Check out the acoustic video for ‘Fool’ below:

In the last week I also had the opportunity to speak with the R&B singer/songwriter as although she may only have a handful of songs in the early stages of her music career she seems destined to reach the top. Here is what she had to say:

Who is Gabriella Vixen?

Gabriella vixen is a small girl from Kent, with a big voice.

Where does your love of making music stem from and through your influences how are using those components to make singular sound?

My love for music started with singing. Creating music was something I learnt to do later on. Growing up hearing so much music. My mum was always waking us up singing and dancing in the house, it was kind of inevitable that it was gonna catch on, especially the music she was listening to which still influences me today. I listen to and love most genres, my influences are more soul which I definitely carry through my music. Big vocalists male and female in Motown music and soul music, a challenging vocal is something I always try to include in my songs.

What goes into your creative process and what is normally your favourite part?

If I have something on my mind or a particular concept, In the fitting mood I will usually take that idea into studio with me and write about it. Depends how you feel on the day, what mood you’re in and what you’re going through. I like getting certain things off my chest, without talking about it, I can make it something musical and telling, just through a song. Apart from recording vocals, I love hearing it all come together. I find it crazy how you can start with such a simple idea, a melody or lyrical concept, and after it can sound like something so big !

What is setting your music apart from anyone else’s as you’ve been getting airtime on 1xtra and rinse fm?

I know that r&b in the uk seems to be making a turn around now, it’s catching on. But old school r&b like early day Mariah Carey mixed with pop I would say is my sound, none of the music I hear now, seems to have that kind of mix.

What is your most interesting track to make to date and why?

I have so much music, unreleased music. I have pop ballads that I have really Poured my heart into, I think people would find those most interesting as a lot of the music I have out is heartfelt but strong and there’s an element of sass. In regards to the music I have actually released, I would say the latest release ‘fool’ is the most interesting, the song is a love song but there’s a heavy bass, it’s a big contrast with my vocal I think personally.

Is there a particular thing or time that you always find yourself writing lyrics about or is each song its own operate project entirely?

I guess annoyingly for me, some of my best music is written during heartbreak. Concept ideas I have always come into my head when I’m trying to sleep, or usually when I’m talking to my friends or my mum about certain situations. I’m looking forward to broadening my horizons and writing about other stuff other than relationships, but when you’re in that frame of mind it’s hard to think about anything else, my music is honest from the heart, so when a different inspiration presents itself, It’ll  be exciting to express myself through my writing, just need the right inspiration.

You’ve now worked with producers who have worked with renown artists like Anderson Paak and Justin Bieber, it must be a really creative and exciting space you find yourself in right now?

It’s always exciting, every session is different. I feel so honoured to work with such amazing, experienced and talented people.

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‘Fool’ tells the story of you being in a toxic relationship but with a message of self-empowerment and self-worth, how has that experience moulded you?

My songs aren’t always about experiences I’ve had, I think it’s important to be able to take friends experiences, people around you- what they’ve been through, and write about that, because you can be stuck in a place for a long time, so it’s good to mix it up. I think you have to take any kind of relationship or friendship as an experience, learn from it, find out what you want and what you don’t want in the future. I’ve learnt that it’s okay to give my love and trust to the wrong people, as long as I can forgive and learn for next time. Its also about making mistakes and growing from the situation, it makes you stronger

With release of ‘Fool’ only being out a couple weeks is there any more new music or projects for 2019?situation, it makes you stronger.

My plan is always to release music as consistently as I can. I have a lot of music and I can’t wait to share some of it. I have my next single coming out called ‘C.O.O.L’ produced by Freedo. No release date set in stone but everything is pretty much ready to go and I can’t wait! Of course I’m working towards releasing an EP too.

I know you are at the start of your career but as you embark all these experiences, have you noticed a musical or personal growth which has been significant in shaping your music?

For sure, I’ve learnt to be more open when it comes to writing music, someone has always been through something similar, so if it helps other people it’s so important to be honest. I’ve made a lot of music over the past couple years, the more I have the harder it is to choose which sound predominantly you want to go with, but you get there in the end.

What is the big dream?

I would love to collaborate with some of my favourite artists. Mostly I want to sing, to big crowds and travel with my music. Have my music being listened to globally.

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