PREMIERE: Gracie Convert – On Your Mind [@gracieconvert]

There’s plenty of things that should be ‘On Your Mind’ and this latest release from Gracie Convert is one of them.

‘On Your Mind’ is only the third single from Gracie Convert but it’s no surprise that she’s already racked up close to 100k Spotify listens on her first two releases. If you haven’t caught onto Gracie just yet here’s a little intro. Gracie is a British & French upcoming talent whose vocals can really do all the talking for her as she sits somewhere between the current blurred lines of R&B and Pop. She’s shared performance stages with Jamie Isaac, Jerkcurb, Oscar WorldPeace and so many more. Yet she’s not only talented on the mic as an artist, she also has the gift of the gab and showcases that on her regular show on Soho Radio.

On this latest outing, her first for 2020, Gracie takes us on a trip through the all too common situationship. Only she gives us the inner monologue from the perspective of literally being in bed next to that other person and thinking about whether that person is seeing anyone else. Telling a relatable tale with ‘On Your Mind’ is one thing but to be able to deliver it with her vocal flair is what’s even more impressive. The situationship narrative is nothing new to music as evidenced in tracks like Nelly and Kelly Rowland‘s now classic ‘Dilemma’, so to give a tired topic new life is no small task. Yet Gracie manages to do it.

Across the track’s just over 2 minute run time you can hear the potential that Gracie has and it comes to an end almost all too quickly. But that’s not the worst thing in the world and you will no doubt end up playing the track over and over before you know it. Additionally, you can bet that this is only the start of things to come from the burgeoning talent so keep an eye out for her – especially considering she’s already been backed by Spotify playlist editors, BBC Introducing and more despite having only dropped her first single in July 2019.

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Keep your eyes peeled for more from Gracie Convert and you can stream ‘On Your Mind’ here.

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