PREMIERE: [@JDCliffe] – Go ft. Shansea

WHO: JD Cliffe

GENRE: rap / r&B

FROM: North London

MEMORABLE LYRIC: “loyalty before anything / even when it gets tekky / if I showed you all my flaws would you run / would accept me?”

JD Cliffe wants his sound to be more than just a vibe. And this latest single hits the mark. With his precision flow–confident, determined, and always deliberately creeping just a hair behind the beat–”Go”, featuring Shansea, becomes tantilising and catchy.

The North Lodnoner’s lyricism elicits memories of past flames that once flickered and burned; but have now gone cold. Like a break-up-ballad to the comings and goings of relationships and an assertion of virtue. Shansea floats in with her boundless vocal range, resonating peacefully with the tracks narrative and sound. The visuals come from Square Up productions depicting the artist in his home spending each day searching for the joy in the mundane and each evening battling love lost. 

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