PREMIERE: Kieran – Comfy

South London’s Kieran lets you know he’s ‘Comfy’ on his latest single.

Kieran, formerly performing as Kieran Martin, is no newcomer but he has definitely worked to redefine himself and he showcases that on ‘Comfy’. The R&B crooner released his first track back in 2016 before spending the subsequent 4 years experimenting with his sound, collaborating with other artists, and releasing an EP. During the process of this he dropped the ‘Martin’ from his performance name and under the mononym Kieran he began to release music again towards the tail end of 2020. This is his third release in that run which is building up towards an EP that is coming sometime in 2021.

‘Comfy’ is well within the realms of Kieran‘s experimentation but is a real departure from his previous releases ‘Outside’ and ‘Your Fight’, the latter of which features HTCHR. The other two were arguably trying to push the boundaries out a bit further than the latest record does. ‘Comfy’ sounds unlike any other record out there but there are enough familiar elements to it that you could put it under the broad strokes of one of R&B’s sub-genres. This is actually where I feel it has the edge and why I think the record should connect with a wider audience than may have engaged with Kieran‘s previous releases.

With the rise in popularity of artists like Brent Faiyaz that already push the boundaries of R&B, now is essentially the ideal time for Kieran to have dropped ‘Comfy’. The record sees Kieran‘s smooth vocals intertwine with the evocative production as he describes a relationship that seems a little entangled, for lack of a better word. Across the record we get a navigation of vulnerability in a way a little more nuanced than we’d typically get. So not only do we get experimentation and a strong vocal performance, we also see more of Kieran‘s ability as a writer which is something that could get lost amongst the praise for his fearlessness in pushing boundaries.

All in all, it is a great record and for those new to Kieran, probably the best record to be introduced to him by. With a fair balance between risk-taking and familiarity, it is a track that offers something to everyone and marks a new dimension to what we can expect from Kieran.

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