PREMIERE: RONA – ‘U Still Up’ [@ronauk_]

Rising alternative act RONA brings her Dark R&B vibes for new release ‘U Still Up’.

‘U Still Up’ is one of two tracks dropped by music newcomer RONA. The track perfectly encapsulates a more sensual side to her than we have previously seen, but does so without compromising her uniqueness. The track was written at 3 AM after a night out, so the vibe is exactly what you’re thinking when you see the track’s title. The sound however is something you probably wouldn’t have expected. The track as mentioned leans into RONA‘s more sensual side and part of that is showcased across a delivery we haven’t seen from her before.

The record has RONA serve up a blend of sultry almost whispered delivery with almost half sung vocals. This serves both the function of replicating the sensual imagery she paints across the track’s message but also almost mirrors the drunken nature under which the song was written. It creates an atmosphere fitting for the late night hours for sure with the mellow more melody led Trap beat providing a great base for RONA‘s lyrics. Whilst I’ve said ‘U Still Up’ is a record that captures the drunk text it is also a track that showcases vulnerability and a longing for the person on the receiving end of the text.

The visualizer that accompanies the track is extremely fitting in capturing both the essence of the song and RONA‘s personality and overall aesthetic. Whilst kept relatively simple we get a visualizer that opts to give mini music video vibes rather than just animating the lyrics or a single repeated motion graphic. Videographer Paris Hammond did a great job of making a little go far with this visual.

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All in all ‘U Still Up’ is a great introducer to RONA for those who don’t know her already. It shows her creativity and ability to write, even whilst under the influence, and how she can package it all together in one sonically pleasing package. If this has you curious make sure you check out her other release of today ‘Wave’ which features JNR CHOI who is a star in his own right.

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