PREMIERE: Seasonal Affected Beats (Tarun Balani) – Let The Light In ft. KAVYA [@tbalani] [@Kavya_Trehan]

‘Let The Light In’ is the lone vocalled track on Seasonal Affected Beats latest project and it has rightly got the visual treatment.

Vocalled by KAVYA, ‘Let The Light In’ is the track that stands out the most on the project because it holds the only sung performance. Whilst KAVYA takes centre stage on the track, she’s allowed to shine due to the tailored and measured production from Seasonal Affected Beats. The Electronic sound is clear to hear but isn’t overpowering at any points creating a nice balance between the contrasting sounds.

In the words of Tarun (Seasonal Affected Beats) ‘Let The Light In’ is about how:

“We often disregard the power of pain and suffering as a pathway for us to discover self-love, self-care and healing. Whether it’s us, or our partner, a friend or a family member, allowing ourselves, and them the room to acknowledge this state of fragility/vulnerability, is where we often fall short.”

The visuals service this meaning in depicting someone that is struggling and going through a tough time but who through the help of their partner begins the healing process. The early interaction of the hands across the piano is one example of it showing how intimacy can in some contexts help escape moments of fragility. The visuals are kept extremely clean and don’t rely too heavily on effects or grand set pieces instead favouring a more minimalist approach that perfectly suits ‘Let The Light In’.

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