SPRTYK encompasses everything a modern rapper should be and then some, and you can hear that on new release ‘Bad Temper’.

Before the visuals ‘Bad Temper’ has already been doing the rounds and running up numbers, especially on Spotify. The track has been picked up in the Spilled Ink, Mellow Bars, Alternative Hip Hop, and even Discover Weekly playlists on there helping it get the reach it deserves. You might not recognise SPRTYK but some of New York’s premier talent like A$AP Ferg already do through her work as a creative director and stylist. She breaks the trend of wanting to go viral and instead has slowly but surely been building her following through word of mouth and hard work.

The visuals to ‘Bad Temper’ follow the emotional highs and lows of a top female draft pick / artist-in-bloom determined to win against all odds as she fights to escape the all too familiar “angry black female” stereotype. An unapologetic SPRTYK literally gives two middle- fingers to the oversimplified characterisations of being bad-tempered, hostile and overly aggressive as she deconstructs her game winning resilience to her therapist.

The track itself sits over mellow production contrary to her assertive delivery. SPRTYK is well versed and goes between playing the underdog and getting in her bag bragging about what she knows she brings to the table. It isn’t quite the same wave of Rap as the Megan Thee Stallion‘s, but it carries that same spirit of women being loud and proud about what they’re about. She does it all with an effortless swagger and shows signs of great things to come.

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