Pyer Moss Releases Trailer For Film ‘American, Also’

Passionate about showcasing black influence in fashion and promoting achievements within the black community, founder and creative director of  Pyer Moss, Kerby Jean Raymond releases the trailer for new movie titled ‘American, also’. The movie is based around the production and process behind creating an impactful  Pyer Moss fashion show. The team behind Pyer Moss puts a lot of love and care into creating shows that tell a story more than just displaying clothing. Kerby Jean Raymond uses his fashion brand to speak out about the injustices towards the black community as well as telling the stories that are frequently ignored or hidden yet all too important to go unheard. 

“This film aims to show the love and care our entire company puts into every single moment we create and will show that we appreciate fashion as an art form and communication tool.” Kerby Jean Raymond

Through different collections, Pyer Moss tells stories of the black experience, for instance, the collection titled ‘American, also’ speaks to the modern-day cowboys; leaders, organizers and rebels who are working to make a change in their respective communities. The Chicago leg of the campaign features Precious Blood Ministry, Ameena Matthews of Violence Interrupters and Good Kid Mad City featuring Vic Mensa. The Baltimore leg of the campaign features Valencia D. Clay and The Cowgirls of Color. The Los Angeles leg of the campaign features Angela Rye and the Compton Cowboys.

Pyer Moss Spotlights Vic Mensa & More In Empowering Fall Campaign

The film also delves into black people in American culture referring to individuals like Rosetta Tharpe the matriarch and pioneer of rock ‘n’ roll music. In this film, Kerby jean Raymond makes a point to rewrite the history that has been erased and give the opportunity for black people all over the world to understand that they too can be pioneers and leave behind the notion that they are not good enough to make an impact. The designer tells black people that this is for them both the movie as well as his decision to take the campaign back to his neighbourhood of Flatbush, Brooklyn to let the world to know he did it for his people.

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“I’m really showing it for us. So the way I see you is not the way that somebody who’s not of our culture is going to see you. And I want you to know, deliberately, that I’m speaking to you versus everybody else.” Kerby Jean Raymond

Pyer Moss will be releasing ‘American, Also’ during summer this year. To check out more of Pyer Moss’s captivating shows head over to their website 

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