[@Q2Trappy] is back serving like ‘Andy Murray’.

Ice City’s resident man of drill as back again with new visuals to track ‘Andy Murray’.

Since his very first drop Q2T has managed to really capture his audience despite his non-typical voice – at least in terms of the scene he’s in. where most artists thrive due to a unique voice in rap/drill, it’s usually for having a menacing voice that only enhances some of the darker lyrics their content explores. Q2T is the exception to this however, plenty of people have questioned his credibility or whether or not his voice works for the style of music he does, but numbers don’t lie and he’s doing numbers. On this video alone in it’s less than 24 hours time of being out (at time of writing) the ‘Andy Murray’ video has amassed just shy of 70,000 views. These figures likely come after a pair of excellent freestyles, off the back of his first release ‘Trust No One’, on two huge platforms – Tim & Barry and Kenny Allstar’s Mad About Bars session.

The ‘Andy Murray’ audio has been floating around YouTube for the past couple of months so for keen eyed fans this is nothing new. But for those who haven’t paid attention to the young star’s rise ‘Andy Murray’ is actually a bit of a departure from Q2T’s normal forte. Not in terms of subject matter or even delivery, but more so in the production. This one feels remarkably less drill than any other tracks he has been on, and arguably sounds much more like it fits in with the Ice City sound. However, we still get that skippy flow that could make anything sound wavy, alongside some nice wordplay as well as some shoutouts. The chorus is catchy and shows that Q2T isn’t just the man when it comes to freestyles, he’s got the ability to translate his talents into songs – where it counts the most.

The visuals once again clearly get the same budget as the rest of the Ice City shoots, because they are some of the cleanest in the game. We get the typical Ice City show of unity with appearances from Trapstar Toxic, J Styles, Streetz, and Fatz showing the affiliation isn’t just in name. We also get a tied in concept throughout the video of Q2T actually doing what he’s rapping about. It’s honestly not the most innovative video in the world but how many ways can you really show the trapping lifestyle that stand out anymore without really thinking out of the box. Still, the concept delivery was good and hopefully shows signs towards a more creative direction in terms of providing visuals.

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All in all, yet another good showing from Q2T and let’s just hope he’s like Andy Murray in his prime and can push of his success to maintain this buzz he’s built so far.

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