Quarantine Radio: Why Tory Lanez [@torylanez] deserves his own show


In a time where entertaining personalities are needed more than ever, Tory Lanez and Quarantine Radio stepped up.

When you hear “Quarantine! Quarantine! Quarantine!” it’s time to put a pause on whatever you’re doing and let Tory LanezQuarantine Radio take centre stage. When you tune in you never know completely what you’ll get, but whatever it is you know it will not only be a cultural moment, it will also be extremely fun. Across the short span of the show on Instagram live the show has already featured some of the biggest talents from the culture. Just some of the notable names that have featured so far are Drake, Tiffany Hadish, Justin Bieber, Megan Thee Stallion, Wiz Khalifa, and Chris Brown.

That’s impressive enough and a reason to watch but the reason that his live viewership has regularly hit 350k is Tory himself. Quarantine Radio wouldn’t work with anyone but Tory. Doing IG live’s are part and parcel with people practising social distancing, D-Nice might have been the one to have really kicked it off but several people have run with it. In the UK it’s the unlikely Swarmz who’s been leading the charge on IG live, but his format is a derivative of Tory‘s. Fredo being the person he is has also jumped on live for his own take on things but none have matched Tory.

Every element of Quarantine Radio is curated to bring a vibe. From Tory‘s ‘on air’ personality and engagement, the constant interaction with the audience and guests, the variety of artwork that he’s used promoting the show, and even the sound effects he makes use of – some of which are made live by one of Tory‘s friends. He goes above and beyond to make the show a spectacle and he doesn’t disappoint. At times it is like a club, with Tory even bringing in a bottle girl feature, at other moments it is an interviewing platform, and at others it’s a twerk contest.

Sadly it’s this last part (more so some related activities) that has caused a tragic moment for all of our Instagram schedules. Quarantine Radio is currently banned by Instagram, and Tory can’t go live. Being the true people’s person he is when his own account got hit with a week ban from going live, Tory made a new page @thequarantineradio. He went live briefly last night but was quickly banned on that account too making the return very short lived. Even without being live, Quarantine Radio is still uniting the people as you can see in the following tweets.

No matter what segment takes place on the show it’s entertaining for everyone involved in the experience and it feels like a real coming together of people. In just three weeks the show has helped Tory gain an extra 1.5 million Instagram followers. For many, it is a highlight that’s not to be missed and a well received escape from mundanity. The energy Tory has is infectious and his good natured spirit shines through as he plays host and life of the virtual party. So hopefully it won’t be long before he’s back delivering the content we want on Quarantine Radio.

Whilst he is off IG live make sure to support his upcoming project New Toronto 3 which drops Friday (April 10th).

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