[@Rasstokyo] Drops Eclectic Project ‘Dark White’

Dark White is a six-track taster of RassTokyo’s self described ‘water music’.

If the name RassTokyo isn’t familiar to you perhaps his previous moniker Tokyo The Producer is. Having already collaborated with Essie Gang and House of Pharaohs, Tokyo is rising and quickly. Now, the talent unveils his latest project Dark White.

Dark White features an instantly exploratory soundscape, and whilst only 6 tracks long it’s surprisingly deep. The project traverses a number of rap sub-genres but somehow comes together in what can only be described under the broad strokes of trip-hop, or in Tokyo‘s words “water music”. But it’s so much more than that; there are elements reminiscent of Travis Scott, Octavian, and even SL across the project but all tweaked into Tokyo’s style. It’s difficult to completely summarise what Dark White is, but it’s definitely trippy.

Dark White is a bold introduction to who Tokyo is and loudly presents a ready-made superstar. This isn’t his first project but it feels like the project that should boost his trajectory, all while re-introducing the act to the masses. Across the set ‘Hatton’ and ‘Road Outro’ stand as the best examples of the packaged talent.

‘Hatton’ is a drill infused track but not the darker grittier aspects of the genre that permeates popular releases. This track is more stripped-back in nature, think SL ‘Tropical’ or more recently Blanco ‘Pull Up’.

This laid back approach to the production whilst still blended with the fast-paced, versatile drill flow was the first twist on Dark White with it diverting from the project’s opener. Diversity is a word closely associated with RassTokyo and tracks like this are the reason. Beyond just being relaxed, it is a perfect take on how drill can be positive, especially amongst the current controversy surrounding Zone 2 and their recent releases.

‘Road Outro’ stands as central-crux of the project. It’s that melodic sing-song rap that dominates the scene at the moment but has deeper than usual content in its lyrics. Whilst quickly-infectious, the track actually details the struggles and journey Tokyo has been through so far. It’s very personal; from discussing the birth of his children to his relationship with the mother of his kids, the rapper even contemplates being misunderstood towards the song’s conclusion. However, in places, the track is laced with hope and the accomplishments he’s made so far. It is the perfect end to the project – it leaves you satisfied but also wanting more.

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Dark White isn’t necessarily a project that will dominate the charts instantly, but don’t let that put you off. It stands as a hidden gem from an artist with talent in abundance. This is only the start of things to come from RassTokyo and it’s clear he’s got a lot more to give. The ability to blend multiple sounds into one cohesive project is impressive. To have this all whilst still sounding like himself only takes things up a notch.

You can stream Dark White on Spotify above or on Apple Music here.

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