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From spitting bars on pirate radio stations together to making an album together. The Grime brothers RD and Mr X have finally come out with a joint project entitled ‘Think Twice’. Speaking on life growing up, difficulties and future (all relating to the album) I sat down with the pair to hear their side of things.


Tell me about ‘Bro Flow’

We didn’t really have an idea for it, we came up with the verses before the chorus. When you listen to it, it is pretty much a back 2 back thing between us both – so we thought we should stick with that concept. The flows are quite similar, it was natural.

Is it hard working as brothers?

I think the only thing is the timing, I’m (RD) is more punctual than he is (Mr X). 9/10 he is late.

How do you difference the work life relationship to personal life?

It’s honestly the same.

Why and when did you decide to start to work together?

I’ve been spitting for years from 03 and when he started it was inevitable, he’s always been rolling with me as long as he could. People knew he was my brother and he started spitting out the blue and since then he has improved super quick – we just started rolling together.

What made you want to start (Mr X)?

I always had an interest in music always listening to it and as a kid I used to kick ball then I stopped playing. I’ve always been into Grime and I thought one day to write some bars. Empire was the first radio station I went to and when I got passed the mic, I couldn’t get my words out 

Tell me about your dad and how he had an influence 

He came up doing old school systems like raga and he went on tour with shabby ranks and more influential artists. He came from that background and that was before we was born and even after he did that he went onto jungle and drum and bass, then when we was growing up we listened to garage. Seeing my dad fly the world just inspired me, i just want to travel the world and spit bars.

How long did it take for you to make the album?

It didn’t actually take us long to make, it was just planning certain other issues. I’ve been screaming “EP coming soon” for like two years and it took a month to make. We’ve had two covers, we’ve changed the name, all sorts !

What made you do it now (The album)?

Everything was ready, timing is everything and right now the music is ready, the cover is ready, we are patterned and if we held on it or any longer we might have not put it out.

What does you mum say?

My mum is proud us because all of our achievements, like when I tell her I have shows. When it comes to playing her my music I always get butterflies,  I don’t know why. She appreciates that we are doing something positive whilst my dad is more enthusiastic. She cares but it’s just not her thing.

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You have no features, why?

Because we are brothers, it’s not a features thing. This project is more about showing people what we can do together and who we are and how we work and enjoying being brothers in music. 

What is your opinion on grime at this very moment?

It’s a young audience. There’s a lot of people taking left and right turns, they come and do Grime, not to say they are not doing grime no more but the grime they was doing compared to what they are doing now is not Grime. If you going to do the next thing, do it, don’t try and remix grime, it’s not going to work. I feel like a lot of people grow their name and cut out, that’s why I feel Grime isn’t where it needs to be.

Whats your motto in life?

Do what you want and live by your means.

Where do you see yourself going?

I see it all going mad, ‘Whipping In The Kitchen On TV’, us in coachella and a few business ideas .


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