[@rebecca_judd] talks her new shows on [@AppleMusic], career journey, tips and more

Rebecca Judd is the radio host you can’t help but be drawn to due to her infectious energy and positivity.

If you don’t know who Rebecca Judd is yet, where have you been? The 26 year old has worked her way up from work experience in radio to community radio and now Apple Music in a few short years. She started out in 2012 at Breaklondon before moving on to Westside Radio and becoming the face of their drive-time show. Having worked there a few years as well as having contributed at times to Apple Music shows, she bagged herself her own show on Apple Music 1 daily from Monday to Thursday. With her Party Starters Radio show having just launched we thought it was only right to speak to Rebecca – and she even curated a playlist for us!

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Whats one thing people don’t know about you that they think you should?

This is such a good question, I was sitting here for ages thinking what can I say, ha ha. I mean people are always shocked at the fact I’ve never seen a Harry Potter, Fast & Furious, Lord of the Rings or Avengers film. The list goes on, ha ha!

How did you decide you wanted to work in radio?

I was in the last couple of weeks of college and everyone was going to uni except me. I was getting so stressed out thinking what am I going to do?! Then my tutor told me that BBC Radio 1Xtra were doing work experience and I should give it a go and apply. I applied, I got the work experience placement and the rest is history! That’s when I really knew that this career path was for me, I loved every second of it. I sat in on Trevor Nelon’s show and Charlie Sloth’s show! I was so excited!

Were there any particular role models in radio that inspired you?

Definitely Trevor Nelson, his music knowledge is top level. Jenny Francis too, I used to listen to her on Choice FM, I used to message in to try and get a shout-out, her voice and song selections were the smoothest!

What advice would you have for people wanting to start a career in radio?

I would say to literally just start, everyone needs to start somewhere. Even if that’s buying yourself a mic, recording some stuff on your own and building your show at home and sending it out to community stations. Most community stations have work experience too, so keep your eyes out for community stations and job opportunities. Get ready to do some free work too to learn the ropes and get yourself in those important places.

You’re now at Apple Music, what drew you to working with them?

It still feels unreal that I’m working here! I remember listening to OVO SOUND RADIO when Beats 1 had just started and now I’ve got my own show too! You know what I love, the fact the journey was so organic. I started as a guest on the legend Julie Adenuga’s show, then it went to once every two weeks, to covering, to getting my own show once a month, to now having my own daily show, The Rebecca Judd Show, on the rebranded Apple Music 1. Everything happened so naturally, I’m loving it. Working for one of the greatest companies in the world, I’m grateful. 

Please can you tell us a bit about your show on Apple Music?

The Rebecca Judd show has a different theme everyday, so on a Monday I play nothing but feel-good, upbeat tunes. My aim is to kick everyone’s week off with good vibes. On a Tuesday it’s all about the biggest tunes popping off all around the world right now. Wednesday’s show is brand new music and discovery. Thursday’s show is strictly throwback, old school bangers! I have loads of incredible guests joining me and I dip into loads of my favourite playlists that we have on Apple Music. My show is Monday-Thursday, 2-4pm on Apple Music 1 broadcasting from here in London. I also just launched a brand new show called Party Starters Radio over on Apple Music Hits, which is two hours of nothing but old school tunes to get your party started! That’s every Saturday from 5pm here in London.

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What has been your favourite moment in your career so far?

Oh goshhhh! This question is so hard ha ha, there’s been a couple. Am I allowed to give a couple ha ha? Drake’s dad joining me on Westside Radio a few years back was a crazy experience, he had just released an R&B song and had come to the studio to talk to me about it. Drake had a show that night in London and his dad brought me and a few people from Westside to the show! Crazy experience. Another amazing moment was having a FaceTime chat with Zane Lowe, J-Lo, Dua Lipa and Charli XCX on Apple Music during lockdown. MAD!

What was the inspiration behind this playlist? 

Well on my show on a Wednesday I do this thing where I have an ‘Ascending Artist’, that’s an artist you may not know about yet, but I think you should because they’re incredible. They join me on the show and I get to know them by asking them 10 random questions. All of the artists on the playlist have joined me on the show and have been an ‘Ascending Artist’ of mine! I hope you enjoy it!

Listen to The Rebecca Judd Show Monday to Thursday at 2-4pm on Apple Music 1 at apple.co/_RebeccaJudd and Rebecca’s new show Party Starters Radio every Saturday at 5pm on Apple Music Hits at apple.co/_PartyStarters. Listen live for free or on-demand with an Apple Music subscription.

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