Review: Why you should be listening to @Prynce_Mini’s 11 Nyghts Mixtape


Amongst a period where the musical requisites of the masses are at a fascinating, and what we might later view as integral point of change, This year we have seen the corroboration of both the positions of Future and Young thug at the rap – heavy weight table in a heavily hook and melody focused culture shift.

The shift has also seen the introduction of the “new school” rappers ; the layed back braggadocios flows of Kodak Black and the futuristic sounds of the torqouise dreaded, automatic spraying Lil Uzi Vert (including 21 Savage, Playboi Cart and Lil Yachty)

U.K artists are now drawing on the the authentic influences that make up the scene and more intensely their city. The music really sounds like a sound track to the city. 

To put into to perspective listen to any Dirty South Rapper the mannerisms, the twang, the production, the delivery of the words … everything represents a very uniquely painted picture of the “Dirty South”. 


Similarly London has found an identity. 

Which has promoted the steady growth of a an artist by the name of Prynce Mini a collaboration of the melodic vibes, hard hitting rap lyrics and an appreciation for the undeniable influence of dance hall (and Jamaica).

The South Londoner can definitely be considered a student of the game in all aspects, involving himself in production aswell as delivering the bars to match!

11 Nyghts can be seen as a gateway to greater things for Prynce. Demonstration of a versatility that sees him explore a number of topics ranging from life and success to women and his unwavering confidence. 

The essence of which is summed up on “TUIT”. A declaration of Prynce’s confidence. Cocky self assurance reinforced by the aggressive tone over the forever’ building beat; production reminiscent of London roads at night. 

Prynce Minis’ lack of conformity is what see him through. 


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