Riots Break Out In Dalston As Protest For Rashan Charles Turns Violent

Riots broke out in the area of Dalston last night as protesters turned to violence to display their anger over the death of Young man Rashan Charles who died while he was in Police Custody after a brutal arrest. The protest that began friendly turned hostile towards the end of friday night when apparently youth began to turn on the police.

There is a mount of frustration from youth in London because of the lack of trust between communities and the metropolitan Police.  The shocking video that appeared online of Rashan Charles being assaulted by two officers was both disturbing and disgusting. Police are meant to protect citizens no matter what side of the justice system they are on and that video conveyed the reason why people are no longer respecting law enforcement. Not only do they use their power to abuse the law but they think they are above it. It is important that we don’t destroy our own communities in acts of anger and we use our numbers and our voice to inflict our message onto the people accountable.

The family of Rashan Charles does not want violence to be the message that is remembered, they want to bring those responsible to Justice and resulting to negative behaviour will only distract the media from the main message, that a young black man died while in Police custody.

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Courtesy of the Charles Family

Let’s show our support by respecting the wishes of Rashan Charles’s family and continue to voice the injustice that our Police are conveying on the streets of London.

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