Rize Up [@RizeUpUK] and Register to vote!!! Deadline is 23:59 Tonight

“I felt like there was a need for a campaign that gives a platform for the forgotten generation to have their say. To start a conversation rather than being patronising or telling people what to do.” – Josh Cole

This election season has seen an outcry of a generation tired of the political climate in our country. With endless campaigns portraying the need to use our power and vote this general election, many people are still confused as to why they should vote. There is an evident stigma attached to politics that we can’t seem to shake. That it’s only for affluent white people that attend private schools and that no matter how many times we voice our beliefs that nothing will ever change.

Why does politics feel so alien to us? Because of the lack of diversity amongst those that represent us politically and amongst political establishments, young people feel detached from the political process.

The key to being engaged in this Generation Election is conversation. Get with friends or attend events to open your mental field. Knowledge is key and any conversation is healthy in igniting new thought.   Ideas that may seem unfledged can develop and shape your newly formed opinions on politics.

The Rize Up campaign is designed to mobilise the youth audience and the disenfranchised to highlight the potency of their vote given the assumed low youth turnout.

Rize Up UK is a campaign aimed at getting under 25 year old’s to register to vote. With Over 15 million people not voting in the last election ‘ primarily, the under 25s and the economically dispossessed’  it is inevitable that organisations like this are vital in creating awareness around the topic.  The campaign was co-founded by photographer and filmmaker Josh Cole and Jane Powell, founder of the men’s suicide prevention charity, CALM.  Their idea was to bring Musicians, Artists and Industry leaders together with the use of technology to encourage those who are isolated from politics to participate.

Rize Up UK are also running an awareness campaign aimed at the homeless and those of no permanent residency, giving them the tools they need to register.

“Rize Up is working to unite partners across the music industry, social media and the community to give these people a voice and to prove that every vote was created equal.” – Jane Powell



Last night Rize Up UK graced the Old Blue Last with nothing but infinite good vibes. They hosted a Register Party that consisted of some of the best up & coming talents across London. The message was clear. Register to Vote. Vote to make a change. The likes of Aaron the Unknown spoke truth through rhymes and Kelvyn Colt delivered sounds waves that we could all relate to. A few other acts that helped to create the united vibe of the night were Skinny man, Bossman Birdie, Doc Brown and Husky.

To encourage people to get involved in the campaign Rize Up has teamed up with grime producer 5ive Beatz (produced for Stormzy, Skepta, Akala and more) and created a beat track as a platform for anyone to upload & talk about the importance of voting through music. Anyone can download the track and record their verse over the top of the beat. Submit it online with the hashtag #RizeUpUK for the chance to have the full version recorded in a central London studio at the end of the month.

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Rize Up has already received support from:

Partners of Rize Up

  • Lush
  • Manifest
  • Creature London
  • THTC

To participate in the conversation on social media, tweet using the #RizeUpUK, and for further information head to http://www.rizeup.org/.

You can register to vote at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote  all you need is your National Insurance number. Registration closes at 23:59 Tonight !!

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