Road To Wireless: Travis Scott [@TrvisXX] Sells Out & Shuts Down Brixton O2

With Wireless quickly approaching, all the A-list celebrities are in town and what better way announce your arrival than a headline show in O2. Last night Travis Scott’s sold out show in Brixton had fans turning up as early as 4 O’clock to make sure they were front and center, mosh pit territories. Travis’s set didn’t actually start on till 10pm so fans were getting a bit restless in anticipation for the main man to hit the stage.

It was a very diverse crowd with many people actually traveling from outside the capital to see Travis. We got in rather late but once we were in it was already rammed and the DJ was killing it, dropping the big tunes: KMT, Whipping Excursion, Bad and Boujee and the crowd were going wild.

By the time Travis came out, I was sweating through my T-shirt and my friend had resigned to the sideline after being elbowed in the face during a mosh pit. The set started off with Travis singing atop of his winged beast, kicking off with some older songs from his catalog. As the show went on he was slowing building up the crowd whilst steadily stripping off his clothes and leading everyone into the main part of the set.

By this point he started performing some of his bigger tracks like ‘Mamacita’, ‘Antidode’, ‘Goosbumps’ and ‘Beibs In The Trap’ it became like a wild zoo in the venue. Travis was topless screaming so melodically at the top of his lungs, while standing on some the fans as others desperately tried to reach out and touch him. There was one point even the people at the sides were being pushed as one of the biggest moshpits formed in the middle of the room.

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I’ve personally been to a lot of shows: Drake, Migos, Future, ASAP Rocky to name a few; but in terms of sheer energy, catalog and stage production, Travis has one of the best live shows I’ve been too. Only things I would complain about is that it was a bit of a cockfest. A lot more sweaty males than sexy girls. Also, I wish I wore less layers and more comfortable shoes but next time I’ll be prepared.


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