Review: RudeKid [@RudeKid] releases ‘Noah Ark’ EP at London Studios

If you have been following Rude Kid, you would know his productions tend to have a unique sound, a sound which he himself describes as ‘Alien Music’. Although he covers the traditional grime staples his sound ventures into funky, dubstep – even techno at times. His diverse production styles have led to his tracks being staples in many a djs record box – including Joker, Plastician, Terror Danjah and Oneman. His latest project ‘Noah’s Ark’ is made up of fiery beats and the UK’s hottest MC’S.

Held at the Relentless Studios in Central London, DJ Mike Delinquent finessed the industry crowd whilst much more people were still trying to get in. Whilst wading through the trendy mass, I noticed some familiar faces (DJ Melody Kane, Adam Deacon, Guvna B, Nick Brewer, Duane Jones & Doneao) to name a few. The hustle & bustle atmosphere created a greater anticipation with suave leather jackets & Nike caps everywhere. Running over an hour late, we were made to fill up on free wine, beer & vodka’s until the performers attended the stage.

Shortly after 10pm, the place was full to the brim along with press & photographers. ShockTown performed ‘New Wavin’ which seemingly heated the crowd up, unfortunately, a no show from Baseman but the singalong crew filled the gaps. Frisco & Maximum took us to the next level, spitting freestyles, old & new readily with his gun fingers in the air. As soon as he dropped ‘Funny’, the vibes went wild with 2 rounds of wheel ups.

The anticipation continued when Ghetts moved through the crowd to get to the stage, for all the grime fans, we know that Ghetts has over 2 songs together which are pure fire. As soon as we heard the ‘One Take’ beat, it was instantly reloaded, Ghetts attacked the mic through a 25 minute set with no problem. It was good see Rude Kid have a smile on his face the whole way through. It was great to see many people come out & support the release of his latest project.

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The EP is out now on Itunes.

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