Is Running for Us? + Nike releases Pegasus Turbo the fastest training trainer ever.

Nike are known for their constant innovation in sportswear. Last weekend we flew over to Nike’s FastLab in Berlin, to get an exclusive look into the new Nike Pegasus Turbo – Nike’s fastest training trainer.

After speaking to Nike’s elite athletes, it was clear that athletes wanted a shoe that felt like the Vaporfly 4% (Nike’s Fastest trainer) but for training. To do this, Nike took the ZoomX foam currently only used in the VaporFly Elite and 4% and created the perfect training shoe for a marathoner like Eliud Kipchoge (Olympic Gold Medalist)

The 3 key features are:

  • Delivers 85 percent energy return — the greatest of any Nike foam
  • Nike’s lightest foam (a single men’s size 10 shoe weighs in at 8.4 oz while a women’s 8 is 6.9 oz).
  • Is currently used in three silhouettes: the Zoom Vaporfly Elite and Zoom Vaporfly 4% and now the Zoom Pegasus Turbo.

Is running for young people?

While in Berlin we spoke to Marco Pruefer (Kraft runners), Jay Breidel (Patta run crew), Cory Wharton-Malcolm (Track Mafia) & Joey W. Elgersma (Berlin Braves) about running culture and their thoughts on getting young people into running

What does running mean to you?

Marco: Community. Friends. Party. Elevation.

Cory: Innovation. Motivation. Memories. Its like a Gateway to the rest of the world.

Joey: Inspiring and giving other people a place to shine. Place to motivate. A place to Search for who you are what you can do in life.

Do you think its difficult to show young people running is a sport?

Cory: Thats what I guess we are all working on atm. See running and training underpins every single sport that you do. When you do football you run. When you do basketball you run. But if you ask loads of these people who run loads, none of them identify as a runner.

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The reason why they don’t identify with a runner, is because for years they have been marketed to as to what a runner looks like.

The reason why they don’t identify with a runner, is because for years they have been marketed to as to what a runner looks like. And that is a tall white male, who wears split shorts and is middle age, and that is not something you or your peers will aspire to be like. So to change that mindset, we need to change the model which is what we are all doing.

Young people are into fashion and now running has these fashion elements in it. Do you think this will get more young people to run?

Joey: Maybe fashion is an entry way for young people to get into running. Like look at the run clubs in Paris, they are very fashionable. Maybe some kids are inspired to run with them because of how they look and the fashion aspect.

The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo will is available via

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