S4U [@S4ULDN] are your new favourite group

Name: S4U (Something For You)

From: UK

For Fans Of: Aaliyah,Cleopatra etc

Genre: Garage/ R&B/ Electronic

Photos by Isha Shah

S4U (Something For You) are a group for the future. A collective of creatives based in London, S4U are headed by Rosita Bonita on melody and Prinz George on pulse. Newly signed to Lily Allen and Theo Motive’s Bank Holiday Records, S4U already have backing from some of the best of British talent.

Their music merges 90’s R&B rhythms with ethereal soundscapes and on top sits gritty vocals. Their songs sit somewhere between Aaliyah and Kelela but Rosita’s voice over Prinz’s intentional production distinctively carves their own lane. Having released a series of singles, headlined their own set at Boiler Room and now part of the g-list S4U are ready to leave their imprint in the next wave of British R&B. S4U’s next project will be out this year, follow their socials for the latest news.

Latest project:

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