The Saga Continues In [@RealRapman]’s ‘The Move Pt 2’

One of the best storytellers in the scene is back again.

After the incredible Blue Story trilogy it seems like Rapman has settled on his next series. Picking up where the excellent The Move left off we delve deeper into the life of a robber. As with Blue Story, Rapman doesn’t go with the traditional route. Instead of trying to glamourise and pretend he offers a more grounded tale of events. So rather than just hearing about the money we get the whole build up and the harsh realities.

The Move left off, Rapman had just been robbed by accomplice Madder. Or at least that’s what he made Madder think, whilst he took the majority of the money. This time around armed with a new accomplice who’s been schooled by Rapman, a plan is formed. Detailed breakdown of how the move is going to work happens whilst in the car outside. Discussion of how Rapman always has a plan, why he even robs and more are on the table all before getting down to the main event. Not going to spoil the rest of the video so just check it out above. If you like it check out Rapman’s new project which features the track here.


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