Scotland Is The First Country To Make Period Products Free!!


A Huge Progression In The Journey To End Period Poverty

This week on November 24, the Period Products Bill was finally passed in Scotland. Making the country, the world’s first nation to make period products freely available to those who need them. Monica Lennon, was the one who first introduced the Period Products bill back in 2017, which was initially met with opposition from Scottish politicians. However, following pressure from campaigners and growing support from the public, the decision was made this week to make sanitary products free. 


In 2018, a study conducted across Scotland, England, and Wales found that 25 per cent of women had to miss school or work because they couldn’t afford sanitary products. Charities who supply menstural products also reported that during the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a surge of period poverty.

In 2017, Plan International found that up to 1 in 10 girls are unable to afford sanitary products, resulting in them missing school. CEO of Plan International UK, Rose Caldwell said, “this new law will help to ensure that no girl or woman in Scotland struggles to afford period products.” By passing this bill, Scotland is a great example to other countries that women and girls should not hold the financial burden, for having the ability to mensturate.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the tampon tax is finally set to be scrapped across the UK, beginning January 1, 2021. Currently categorised as ‘non-essential, luxury items’, sanitary products are taxed at five per cent. It is a long time coming but we hope that in the years to come, we see other countries follow Scotland’s footsteps.

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