The second episode of [@beatsbydreUK]’s INFORMAL series centres itself around Black Women and is led by [@AmplifyDot] and featuring [@shaybomusic], [@evssofficial_] & [@TemiMwale]

On the latest episode of INFORMAL Dotty, Shaybo, Eva and Temi talk about the Black female experience and how it lends itself to speaking out on social justice.

Beats by Dr. Dre’s INFORMAL series brings together leading UK artists and influential names in culture to discuss trending topics important to Black British communities. Hosted by Apple Music’s Dotty, the program aims to represent the authentic voices of the UK and beyond in Black British culture. The thought-provoking conversations not only reflect wider discussions and issues taking place in the world today, but are also personal to the individuals and their experiences. Featured guests in this episode include Shaybo, Eva Apio and Temi Mwale who discuss the Black female experience.

In this latest episode of INFORMAL, the group discusses why there is such an inclination for Black Women to be voices of social justice. What comes out of the conversation is insightful and extremely relevant to our current social climate and provides a close-up lens on the experiences that make Black Women such great advocates. Through their own personal experiences as well as discussion of the wider context the group get through quite a few pertinent points on the topic despite the episode being easily digestible and coming in at just under 7 minutes.

Their discussion centres around multi-layered oppression such as racism, sexism and gender depression. Eva is candid about women being natural-born leaders and wanting to create change. Shaybo talks about how social media brings more awareness to the experiences of Black women and what it’s like to be a female Nigerian rapper in the music industry. Temi talks about the lack of credit that Black women receive and the inherent desire to rise up. 

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