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You didn’t know about Jean-Mikhael

Jean-Mikhael is bringing a new sound to the scene, with influences like the legendary Prince, I haven’t heard anyone like him in London at the moment. With his higher than high notes and his upbeat rhythms, it’s only a matter of time for young Jean-Mikhael. So if you haven’t already, check out the visuals to his latest single ‘2 X Thing’ and while you’re here learn a bit about this Londoner….

 Describe your sound in 3 Words.




Why is music so important to you?

Music is an art and something creative. It allows me to express my feelings in words and sound, to be free and let my worries go and drive all of my burdens into my music. It’s been bred into me from a little child so this is why it’s important to me. It’s my therapy.

When you think about your biggest dreams, where does your mind take you?   

When I think of my biggest dreams my mind goes wild. The thoughts of performing with the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Miguel, Stormzy all just different artists that influence me. Becoming somebody that the world listens to and selling out shows performing to thousands and millions of people. I just think it’s dreams but these things can be reality. I see it with my own eyes everyday with people I know and also with myself constantly working hard and seeing how far I’ve come in a short space of time and the people I’ve seen praise me for my work and that’s just only the beginning of it all.

Hindsights a bitch, what do you wish you could of learnt earlier?

I wish I would have known more about the politics of the industry. Also knowing what type of artist I would be because I’d of wanted to become who I am earlier (haha). I’d of wanted to understand that it just takes time and that I have everything on my side because before I would be trying to rush so much but not achieving what I wanted and sometimes you have to learn that things just take a moment and you will get there eventually.

I like you man, where do I go to check out more?

To check me out go to my Twitter and Instagram where both are @thejeanmikhael and on my Facebook which is Jean-Mikhael.

Spotlight track:

The Sun’s shining (sometimes), flowers are blooming, Spring is here! So ‘Butterflies’ has perfect timing….

….‘Butterflies’ is a story of a never-ending love between two people. We all know how life pressures can get in the way of our important relationships and the story is based on everyone’s experiences of love at a time when love was innocent.

After a hiatus and some fresh thinking exploring neo-soul, jazz and R&B Solomons Garden are back with recently released (28/04/17) ‘Butterflies’. Created in 2015 Solomons Garden are a collective, consisting of 4 members; MKFWI, Chanel Hemmings, Erica Torres and Dan ‘The Whizz ’ Todd.

Their aim is to create niche, impactful music which possesses thought provoking lyrics and soulful, catchy ‘head bopping’ beats. So check out their latest single ‘Butterflies’ and keep up to date @SolomonsGarden1

Let’s Go:

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