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You didn’t know about Kadiata

I first discovered Kadiata back in 2015 when he had just dropped ‘Mother Nurture’ and we we’re hanging at Che Lingo’s show in Dalston. Fast forward to Spring 2017 and not only is he trending on Twitter but his latest Trap Soul release ‘The Surface’ has got everyone hyped for the release of his debut EP ‘Dnt Tell Me Plz’. So have a listen and a read of what young artist Kadiata had to say…..

Describe your sound in 3 Words.

Intergalactic, Progressive & Digestible.

Why is music so important to you?

Music is so important to me because it embodies real human emotion and it is the most perfect art form that is completely man made.

When your think about your biggest dreams, where does your mind take you?

I see a completely new world, which is both scientifically and artistically well thought out. I see music being used in a more powerful and meaningful way to inspire and promote liberation, innovation & prosperity within the people and I hope to be one of the people at the forefront of this movement.

Hindsights a bitch, what do you wish you could of learnt earlier?

I am completely happy with the way timing has gone for me, as there are always things that only make sense with a certain mind set you adopt. I could say I wish I were as talented as I am now years back but then there are people that are forgotten about because they are ahead of their time, so I am very grateful things are manifesting accordingly.

I like you man, where do I go to check out more?

Thank you, I like you also ️. To check out more your best bet is to go on either my website or any streaming service in search of my name and my all of my socials are @kadiata93

Much love

Spotlight Track:

As much as I love living in London, the city gets a bit much at times for all of us.

‘Mediating’ by ‘The Lone Wolf’ Kieron Boothe dropped 5 days ago on Soundcloud, which features CluedUp and is produced by N95 X Beatowski. This latest single is just what you need to relax your mind and chill out in our busy London town.


The track ‘Meditating’ was created in just a few hours in Kieron Boothe’s garden my shed with artist CluedUp.

Kieron Boothe said, “We were going through beats, freestyling and he came up with the chorus for the track. We were just aiming to have fun and not make something too serious, while I’m taking some time to work on my up coming Stoned Age project.”

I’ve been following Mr Boothe AKA ‘The Lone Wolf’ since early 2015 when he dropped ‘We Keep Moving’ featuring Aaron London. He is a member of #TheSuaveSociety a creative collective.

Since meeting him he has consistently released new music, including ‘The Lone Wolf’ Mixtapes, performed at #ShahlaaDiscovers showcases, as well as some iconic venues in London, developed his anime influenced art work and is developing his own clothing range ‘Year Of The Wolf’.

Watching his journey over the last few years has been an inspiring story, his dedication, hustle and talent speaks volumes so don’t miss out, keep up to date

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After non-stop bangers and the successful release of the duo’s Ep #OneLife, Esdee and Hakeem (YFS) will take to the stage to put on a night, that should not be missed.

It’s all going down at London’s Camden Assembly and the line up is looking extra fresh. Acts include Afrobeat collective New Age Muzik, Krystal City’s very own Ray and Afro UK TV Dancers plus more surprise guests.

It will be hosted by my homie and Reprezent Radio Presenter Gaby Arow. So if you love Afrobeats or just good vibes and great music, this is an event you definitely want to attend.

Tickets are available here:

And keep up to date with the superstars

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