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You didn’t know about Akuma Standards

The story of me and Akuma Standards is an interesting one. It started when he was one of my students at Reprezent Radio in 2015. Fast-forward 6 months and I was getting his produced track ‘Toju Mi’ ft Not3s and Dnote play listed on the station. Akuma Standards has proven time and time again how consistent he is when he hits the studio. After putting Not3s on the map, now he is paving the way for London’s Zone 2, producing for and managing them, it won’t be long until chart toppers like Stormzy are knocking on his door, so don’t be late.

 Describe your sound in 3 Words.

As mentioned before, I’d describe my sound as Smooth x3 (Smooth, Smooth, Smooth) due to my mixture of the old skool and the new skool.

Why is music so important to you?

Music is so important to me because it can bring people together in any predicament. For most people music is a way out. You could either be on the roads and music is a way out, you could be an introvert and music can be your way out. Whereas for myself music is where I found my inner talent at such a dark time in my life and today it has made me a better person and it has given me many opportunities which now benefit myself and the artists I work with.

When your think about your biggest dreams, where does your mind take you?

My mind takes me to many places within the music industry. I see myself as a young producer who started off in his bedroom to becoming one of the greatest, however that term sounds a bit too corny so I’d rather say I see myself as a pioneer of the new wave of UK music.

Hindsights a bitch, what do you wish you could of learnt earlier?

When you enter the industry by yourself you practically have to learn everything by yourself. There’s no guidance from anyone or anything so you basically have to take L’s from the start and bounce back from them and just fuck shit up!

Learning how to plug my music from the start as well as selling my music are two things that I wish I learnt from the start as it would have made my spot within the industry more solidified.

I like you man, where do I go to check out more?

I’m everywhere on social media! Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram

Akumastandards: Twitter and Instagram

akstandards: Snapchat

Follow up and add, you might be lucky to hear some exclusives from your favourite artists…

Spotlight Track:  

Melanin Magic is slaying this summer, and Junior Young has managed to capture it on his latest track ‘Nha Criola’ out Tuesday May 30th.


Junior Young is an artist and model emerging out of West London. On his latest , ‘Nha Criola’ he’s gone back to one half of his roots, the beautiful island that is Cape Verde. The title ‘Nha Criola’ translates to African Queen in Cape Verdean Creole.

Junior Young explained, “I decided to educate people about my country and culture since not many people know about it, and I truly intend to put my Roots on the Map, It’s a very nice calm relaxing song that its perfect for the summer.”

With Junior Young sharing his sound all over London at venues including Battersea Barge, Boxpark Croydon and Dogstar Brixton. If you haven’t caught him live already, have a listen to a preview.

The full version of ‘Nha Criola’ will go live on his soundcloud tomorrow! (Tuesday May 30th 2017)

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The rise of UK music has meant that independent artists are being booked on the same bill as OG’s like Skepta. You just have to look at this years festival line up’s to see the industry is changing and its changing fast.

So I’m introducing you to a brand new event Soundcheck, which brings together the best in UK talent, no matter what their status. As long as the music’s hot they’re involved.

Soundcheck appeals to the masses because it covers multiple genres so there is literally an artist for everyone.

This Wednesday May 31st at Kamio in Shoreditch, a talented and diverse line up will bring you some Hump Day magic. The acts confirmed include Te Dness, Tizzy & Brandz, M.A.C, Lauren Ackie, Off Colour, and DB Sound System.

Tickets start from £6, but make sure you bring your Government I.D because the security isn’t a joke. Check out more and stay up to date with them on #SoundcheckLive or @Soundchecklive_

Or for anything more formal you can email them on




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