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You didn’t know about Aneesa Marie

I first heard Aneesa Marie’s sound back in April when she reached out to me via Instagram. Since then she’s been keeping me updated about her music adventures and I also managed to catch her performing live at a LDNZ event in Shoreditch. Aneesa Marie has always kept me interested. Not only in her music but also in her character, she has such a warm and positive energy and that translates into her captivating sound. Aneesa Marie defines the genre ‘Neo Soul’ whilst also combining some classic Jazz and Motown vibes. But if you don’t believe me make sure you experience it for yourself by checking out her brand new video ‘Lost in Louise ‘ that will be available on the 31st October (tomorrow) at 7:30pm on her YouTube channel. And for now have a read to find out more about the Soulstress.

Describe your sound in 3 Words:

*Soulrich* – issa word now



Why is music so important to you?

Music is by far the second most important thing to me in this world next to the creator. It is my comfort in the midnight air and my strength when I think I have fallen. My catharsis, my first love. It has always been an outlet for my thoughts, day to day living and emotions that I wasn’t able to articulate throughout my life. Music- sound is my life line and if it wasn’t for music I don’t know where I would be, lol without sounding cliche.

When your think about your biggest dreams, where does your mind take you?

I will perform for millions of people. I will heal those that need to be healed on a universal scale. I will heal myself throughout my musical career. I will become a mogul (I will branch off into fashion, jewelry, food, education, domestic appliances etc.). I will open homes for young homeless women that want to better there lives all over the world.

I say I will because I believe in me and the power of language. I could say I would like to but I believe as humans we have the ability to have whatever we dream. Ya feel me?

Hindsights a bitch, what do you wish you could of learnt earlier?

Girl I would of started music ages ago. For many years I was so hung up on what I thought of myself, and I was in my feelings for a lot of trauma that happened to me and I allowed that to be the reason for holding me back. I wish I had let it go sooner, but hey everything happens for a reason. It allowed me to grow, develop myself, my thoughts and ideas and importantly – vocally.

Can you believe it’s only been a year and a bit… It’s amazing what one can do when they truly believe in themselves.

I like you man, where do I go to check out more?

Why thanking you! Without people like you this journey would be more difficult so I appreciate you.
If you want to find out more find me on all the socials
Instagram : @aneesamarie_
Twitter: @aneesamarie_
Facebook: @aneesamariee
Soundcloud: @aneesamariee
Spotify: @Aneesa’ Marie



Spotlight Track:

TMC – Life We Living

With social media running most of us it becomes difficult to separate the reality from the illusions. In this latest single from TMC ‘Life We Living’, they touch on these subjects without sounding to preachy.


TMC define the new wave of future UK urban music. They manage to mix and blend Trap, Drill, RNB Afrobeats and Reggae influences into their sound.


Now my winter coat is officially out, so on my commute I crave some summertime vibes! When I’m putting in my headphones and have a listen to TMC their sound always warms me right up with their unique view of London Life.


With production combining MK the Plug and Gotti on em who has worked alongside OG’s like Disturbing London, 67, Section Boyz, MIST and Mo Stack, this one is guaranteed to make a wave in the scene.


TMC is a collective of three artists who have all made great accomplishments in their own right. With one sharing ranks with Ice Kid and Dot Rotten, the other was in a former crew with Stormzy and the third has been making waves in the UK Dancehall scene.‎ So it’s only a matter of time before this collective are all over London and the UK.


‘Life We Living’ will feature on ‎their forthcoming EP‎, that’s going to be released later in November, but for now stay up to date with the boys @tmcuk_ and check out the exclusive preview above.


Lets Go:

If you have been lucky enough to see JR James (pronounced J R James) perform live, then you know, no hype is necessary. But if you haven’t, then luckily you have the opportunity this month on November 12th 2017, at BennyBoy Events presents: UNMASTERED

See Also

JR James’, energy and vibes on stage would give you the impression he’s been performing since the 90’s. He is one member of the CNO collective and is a very crucial member because he Raps, Sings, Produces, Mixes and Masters all the beats he uses, whilst also bussing a wine on stage – which always gets the ladies screaming.

So whats UNMASTERED all about? Benny Boy has put together a night of live music from some of the best underground talent London has to offer. With performances from JR James, former Shahlaa Discovers Drey Cheekz, MAV$ and more, this is one event you need to save the date for.

Tickets are only £5 and you can get them online now.


Make sure you grab a ticket before they’re gone and remember you heard it here first!

Also in the meantime you can check out JR James’ latest single ‘hereforyou’ on Soundcloud. 




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