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You didn’t know about JR James?

I first discovered JR James (pronounced J R James NOT Junior James) through his fellow CNO collective artist Peri X. But I officially met him in person when I was hosting Peri X’s show ‘The X Games’. After seeing JR James perform live and finding out he was not just an artist but a Producer and engineer I knew he was destined for success! Since then he has had radio interviews, performed at various London venues, including the debut After 8 AND  supported Teedra Moses in concert. The energy and vibes JR James brings where ever he goes is far beyond his active years in the industry. He understands music inside out and this combined with his unique universal sound means it is only a matter of time before he gains commercial success. But don’t take my word for it, hear from JR James himself and check out his latest tribute single ‘ThabosUniverse’ for his late brother Thabo Moyo below:


Describe your sound in 3 Words.

Culture. Vibes. Honesty.


Why is music so important to you?
Music gives me a sense of freedom. It’s a place where I can express my emotions and explore my creativity.


When you think about your biggest dreams, where does your mind take you?
Like all creatives, the biggest dream, is to be successful in what I do. To influence the next generation and the generations to come. I don’t want to be here for just now, I want to create a legacy that lasts forever.


Hindsights a bitch, what do you wish you could of learnt earlier?
I wish I found myself and my sound earlier, but I wouldn’t have become who I am without the journey I have taken. I’ve always been told to enjoy the process, be patient and have no regrets.


I like you man, where do I go to check out more?
My latest single ‘Here for you’:
You can also find me on soundcloud:
And also on Instagram and Twitter:



Spotlight Track:


Kadiata  – Art Hoes

Hailing from South of that river, Kadiata is back with his latest single ‘Art Hoes’ that dropped just 6 days ago! With the rise of the ‘Side Chick’ in 2017, Kadiata has managed to capture the males point of view on his latest single.

Kadiata said ‘Art Hoes’ is a story about a particular type of female (the promiscuous type) which keeps on finding their way into his life. This makes it difficult for him to see the truth about them once their sexual aura has got a hold of his vulnerable male brain.’

Art Hoes is a beautiful but tragic story that manages to combine some solid melodies, harmonies and a backing track that was produced by the man himself. Is there anything he can’t do?!

Kadiata is known for his unique futuristic Hip Hop and RnB vibes and once again he hasn’t disappointed me. Kadiata uses the lyrics to describe the feeling of being deceived by a beautiful woman “thought you were the one you went and messed up so much”. Alongside backing vocals from miles from Kinshasa this makes ‘Art Hoes’ a powerfully emotional message., without losing the vibes.

Art Hoes is available to stream right now on every platform (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal etc.) so make sure you add it to your playlists. You can find all the links you need at or watch the lyric video. And if that wasn’t enough Kadiata has managed to secure Tate Britain for the full music video that will be filmed in a few weeks, exciting times!

Lets Go:

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Round up the gang and head down to East London from 8pm to Dalston Roof Park for some RnB Karaoke.

This is the first of CRnB’s winter events and they are going to warm you up this winter while you sing your life away to some classic RnB from the nineties, naughties and of course they’re going to also throw in some of the best of RnB at the moment.

With a killer, hilarious Host Ore and one of the best DJ’s in London Nadia Jae who you can hear spinning for Adidas, Boxpark and Beat London, your guaranteed those feel good vibes needed on a winter Friday night – and did I mention its FREE! But spaces are limited so get your tickets.

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