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I first met SlickdotR when I was at ‘Brunel Brunel’ getting my degree, he has great energy and was known on campus as a chilled, fun and multitalented guy. Then a year after we graduated, he approached me to let me know he had been making music. I was shocked! Either my memory is wack or he kept his musical talent on the down low, because I never knew. Slcikdot R had just wrote his own version of  Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Money Trees’, but it was when he released Bad MC Part 2 (Nakka Mukka) 6 months later when I really noticed his potential. Fast forward to 4 years later and he is now performing all over the UK and his latest self produced single ‘Pressure’ has been playlisted on Pulse 88. So don’t be late, have a listen and a read about the man behind the music.

You didn’t know about SlickdotR?


Describe your sound in 3 Words.





Why is music so important to you?

Music is my main outlet for self expression. It comes naturally and it’s my own therapy. Without it, I’m not sure what I’d be doing!


When you think about your biggest dreams, where does your mind take you?

I’m taken to a place where the music I create positively affects millions of people worldwide. I want to be working on my art alongside all my idols. The ones who have inspired me to become my better self.


Hindsights a bitch, what do you wish you could have learned earlier?

Don’t let a “No” discourage you. My music isn’t for everyone and if I take everyone’s opinions to heart, I wouldn’t progress and I’d be trying to please them all rather than myself. Also, consistency is key. There have been times where the spaces between releases and lack of online presence has affected my the way people perceive me as an artist. However, everything happens for a reason and everything I’ve done has built me up to this point.


I like you man, where do I go to check out more?! – You can check out SR1, the first project from the SR Series which features Pressure and 3 other tracks I’ve produced. I also have a dope interlude for Pressure on it so check it out! SR1 is already available on most streaming services and I’ll be following it up with SR2 around the first quarter of the year.

I plan to reach more stages this year coming and I’m excited to hear what people think of this new sound I’m developing.



Spotlight Track :

Narko – In Laws (Prod. Sango)


Rising out of South East London Narko has released his latest single ‘In Laws’. Narko is known for his versatile sound and flow and ‘In Laws’ does not disappoint. On this latest single he is telling the story of how his first meeting and impression with his potential in laws goes. Narko  uses his real lyrics to summarise the honest thoughts both of his partners parents will have as well as his own internal thoughts about taking that affirming step. Combine that with some banging production, a solid hook and a comical interlude; this makes ‘In Laws’ a catchy and relatable song, especially with Christmas around the corner and all those potential parents to be met.


When I asked Narko about the process behind ‘In Laws’ he said “I select beats that speak to me. Beats that paint a picture in my mind. When I heard this beat, it sparked my imagination. I could literally see myself meeting a girls dad and just facing stress. I’ve never been through this personally to be honest. I always do so well with parents but I do worry sometimes when telling parents I’m a rapper. I feel like they wont think I’m a serious adult lol. I don’t think there are many strong story tellers in our countries rappers and I pride myself in my ability to diversify like this and I also like to surprise people. I say I’m a rapper and they don’t imagine this kind of sound. This epitomises the concept of the Different League.


Narko is the leader of the D League (Different League), a collective of creatives. I first heard Narko’s sound back in 2012 when we met at a collaborative event. Since then I’ve managed to support him through previous radio shows and live events. Narko is a great role model to his fellow D League members. He is one of the most self motivated and disciplined artists I know. Combine this with his versatile sound and stage presence and theres no doubt in my mind his music journey has barely begun. He will be successful and I have a lot of time and respect for him.

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So stay up to date with him online @Thee_Narko


Lets Go:

My brother A.K.A 1Xtra and #HimVsHer Presenter Reece Parkinson has teamed up with his partner in crime Youtuber, blogger and Presenter Annie Drea for a live #HimVsHer show on Tuesday 19th of December at Dogstar, Brixton.


Reece and Annie want to celebrate the end of 2017 with you and have planned a jam packed show that will include live games, special guests, giveaways plus don’t be surprised if you get called on to get involved too.


If you’ve listened to the podcast you will know there is always good vibes and plenty of banter between these too and there will also be the opportunity to meet and greet Reece and Annie! So make the most of it and grab a photo with the two rising stars and don’t delay as this will definitely be a sell out.


Grab your tickets online and make sure you arrive promptly at 6:30pm because you don’t want to miss anything!




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