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Margin Kings, Margin Kings, Margin Kings. Margin Kings! Where do I even start. When I think back to the first email I got back in 2014 from Margin Kings, we just need to make a documentary one-day. This journeys been mental and I’ve seen growth, change, unity and your consistency can’t be knocked by anyone credible. Get to know…

Describe your sound in 3 Words.

Feel Good Vibes

Why is music so important to you?

Music is an expression of who we are as people and what we’ve grown up listening to as children. Its can also be an opportunity to be a spokesperson for your community however our music is more “vibesy” so we enjoy that fact that we can influence people's mood positively through sound. We have all grown up in an environment where there is “beef” left right and centre, you can’t be stepping into other ends you don’t know about because people see you as a treat but instead of telling that story we chose not to dwell on the negatives and focus on the positives because there is not enough of that around. Anyone that’s in our circle we call family, all our fans and supporters we call family so when we enter a building instead of hostility you can feel the energy of fun and happiness and we will continue to use the platform of music to promote positive energy.

When your think about your biggest dreams, where does your mind take you?

To be perfectly honest we simply want to be great. We want to inspire people. We want to win Rated awards, Mobos, Brits, Grammys, NME, Mercury Prize, we want to win everything. We want to tour the world and sell out every venue. We want to be able to buy our parents a house to thank them for their support. We want to be so great that we have a story to tell, so great that we are remembered and not forgotten. When we dream we think about performing at the super bowl, at wrestle mania. Despite all of that our biggest dream is fulfilling our potential and being the best we can be.

Hindsights a bitch, what do you wish you could of learnt earlier?

This music industry can be a very crafty sometimes, there are a lot of people out for themselves and a lot of people that would promise you things that they would never deliver. In saying all of that we just wished we were warned about this before because we have had to do a lot of learning on the job. We have done everything without a manger or representatives so we never really had someone to protect us from the blows. However we must say what we have been through has definitely made us stronger.

I like you man, where do I go to check out more?

You can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Itunes, find us everywhere on the world wide web by simply searching Margin Kings

Spotlight Track:

Margin Kings brand new ‘Bredrin’ has a nostalgic feel with a 2017 sound.

With the hook influenced from ‘Best Friend’ 50 Cent’s 2005 banger, they manage to capture the classic Hip Hop and RNB vibes. But still make you want to bang this out, while driving around Lewisham on a summers day.


The Margin Kings are best known for their sound and have gone from strength to strength. They are managing to create what use to be described as, a signature sound.

With the pressure around deciding whether to conform to what is considered ‘hot right now’, Margin Kings are a great example of staying true to yourself and having a real belief in your art.

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Stay up to date with new Margin King releases by following their Soundcloud

Lets go:

May 19th – 22nd Margin Kings performed in Rotterdam, at an international showcase with guests from America, Canada and France. And now, it’s finally, almost, just about, the temperature drops, from Monday – June.

CAFE1001 (BRICKLANE) on Thursday 8th of June, powered by SICKABIT Margin Kings will be performing at SWAG LDN Live, for Reece Swag Ldn’s Birthday.

The line up is fire with some serious talent including Boy Nash, Renz, Splurgeboys and SNE, plus more.

This is one not to be missed, lets start the summer correct! Get your tickets online



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