Shane Duncan [@shaneduncan_) explores the real effects of regeneration in “This is Peckham” documentary

This Is Peckham, is the second part of a documentary series from young film maker, Shane Duncan. The film explores the positive and negative effects of regeneration in Peckham, through the eyes of the community – old and new.

The documentary explores the real effects of regeneration in communities that have taken years to build, in a real personal approach. Not many are able to deliver a documentary with an unbiased opinion while giving important information &  point of views, something which Shane has been able to do single handedly in such an intriguing manner.

Shane Duncan is a 25 year old film maker who grew up and and still lives in Brixton. He began the series exploring the topic in his hometown with, This Is Brixton.

“I kept reading about regeneration in my area and it didn’t match up with what I saw, what I felt… I wanted to find out for myself and hear from people that live and work here not a pundit so I picked up my camera and started to ask people about their experience. As I
started started to understand what was going around me I knew I had to find out if this was the same throughout London, so I started the series”

With the areas of Brixton & Peckham already documented, Shane is next to explore Croydon in “This is Croydon” an area which in age of the small and independents will soon see Westfield arrive.

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View the 1st part of this docu-series “This is Brixton” below.


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