[@ShoMadjozi] Whips Up A Storm with COLORS Performance of Track ‘John Cena’

It’s only been four days since COLORS uploaded Sho Madjozi’s spirited performance of single ‘John Cena’, yet it has hit over half a million views.

On the previously unreleased track, the South African based rapper/songwriter delivers most of her bars in Swahili on a bass heavy beat. But Sho’s high energy flow and infectious bounce has caught worldwide attention. The track instantly went viral and hit the #1 trending spot on YouTube.

The 28-second preview clip on Twitter has received 6.9k retweets and 19.k likes, alongside replies that showed widespread appreciation of her style and fitting reaction gifs. Missy Elliott is among many of those showed love. She retweeted the preview of the video and replied: “Supa” with a flame emoji.

John Cena posted a photo of Sho Madjozi on the cover of Successful Women showing that he appreciates being name-dropped in the track. In which the rapper playfully responded on Twitter “Guys what’s happening!?!?!? I can’t see who just posted me !!!!!!!!!!!!”

With her distinct and vibrant style, Sho Madjozi is definitely one to keep on the radar. She began her career performing as poet but changed over to music as she felt as if its impact is more widespread.

She dropped her debut album, Limpopo Champions League, at the end of the last year and won the BET Best New International Act Award 2019.

Madjozi effortlessly blends traditional African culture and Afro-futurism into her style. This shines through on the beats she uses in her album which fuse Qqpom, hip hop and Tsonga music.

After this fiery performance of ‘John Cena’, it’s exciting to see what Sho Madjozi has in store for the rest of the year.

Limpopo Champions League is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music now.

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