Showreal LDN: The British Reality TV Show Challenging Representation

Introduce yourself, and how you created Showreal LDN?


“I began initially with acting, on some small scale stuff then later major networks such as Channel 4 and BBCOne. In 2015, I took a step back. I had been in a few reality shows and I wasn’t really happy – I wasn’t moving anywhere.

So I decided to write a book! I wrote it based on my perspective, about my life. I wrote about the mistakes I made in my late twenties, about being a single mum whilst dating. The book did really well.

 Following on from that book, I was approached by a show on Channel 4 called Selfie Addict. I built a really good repore with this production company, and from there they asked if I had any ideas for upcoming shows. Eventually, we came up with the idea of a reality show based on people striving for success in the entertainment industry.

Then in 2017, we came together, starting filming and here we are.”

What is Showreal LDN about?

“Showreal LDN is about entertainers; singers, models, fashion designers, presenters, even authors. The idea of the show is to highlight issues that people may not necessarily know, about being an entertainer. It’s about going beyond what we present on social media, and showing a real side.

When you look at reality TV in the UK, such as TOWIE and Made In Chelsea. I watch those shows! But what I dislike is that I have no one present who I can relate to on the show. It’s not relatable to a black audience, both culturally and in terms of representation.

 Showreal LDN is a show that is relatable, and representative of London. London is so multicultural, there’s so many different backgrounds in London. When it comes to reality shows in the UK, they are mostly white. Showreal has people from all walks of life.

What’s the long term goal for Showreal LDN? 

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We are currently in talks with Amazon Prime. We don’t have specific future plans, but we are reaching out to different networks. From the first episode, we have had some amazing reviews. The idea is to just create a show that captivates our audience. Eventually the goal is to have the show commissioned though.

It is quite scary, doing something that no one has ever done. But it’s so important to break down these barriers, especially for the culture.

Where can Showreal LDN be found?

Each episode will be released fortnightly on our YouTube channel, and hopefully available soon on Amazon Prime.


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