Simba Shore bursts onto the scene with ‘Exposing Me’

Simba Shore drops long awaited visuals to his debut track ‘Exposing Me’.

‘Exposing Me’ is the first single from Newcastle’s hot prospect Simba Shore. Now Newcastle might not be the most notorious in the rap scene, but we’ve seen time and again that all it takes is one person for that to change. 21 year old Simba is definitely trying to be that guy for his city, and with the buzz he got around ‘Exposing Me’ he looks the part to do it.

The track got its first wave of buzz when Simba dropped a teaser on Facebook which got over 250k views in a month. He amped this up with a Trilller challenge which gave fans the chance at winning cash for the best videos incorporating ‘Exposing Me’. Now almost a year on from the initial teaser the track has dropped on streaming platforms as well as YouTube.

‘Exposing Me’ is an exciting debut track, so exciting Finesse Foreva picked it up. That’s a huge co-sign as FF have been the force behind the likes of AM & Skengdo amongst a whole heap of other artists. The track is most importantly catchy, the melody will be stuck in your head in no time. More than that it has been tried and tested in Newcastle clubs and it goes off. The bouncy but dark beat serves as the right backing track for Simba‘s aggressive delivery. There are signs of great potential lyrically as well on here as there are more than a few nice bits of wordplay, but it feels like he was just teasing that ability on this one.

The visuals are kept pretty simple, but do a good job of showcasing the Toon with some nice shots and effects. It also has that early release feel with the video focussing on Simba in his area with his friends and just having fun with it.

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It will be interesting to see what Simba does next so keep an eye out for him in 2020. You can stream ‘Exposing Me’ here.

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