SL [@officialsl] and PA Salieu [@KING_SALIEU] ‘Hit The Block’

SL links up with fellow young talent PA Salieu for ‘Hit The Block’.

‘Hit The Block’ is the latest release by SL since he dropped his special Mad About Africa freestyle, continuing on his habit of dropping tracks on Christmas day. 2019 was an interesting year for SL with him making a track for the Top Boy soundtrack as well as having his song ‘Tropical’ feature in the series. Beyond that he dropped his debut project and toured as well performing as far afield as Nigeria. On this latest drop he enlists Coventry’s most exciting talent PA Salieu who recently featured on the big Meekz track ‘Year of the Real’.

First, let’s talk about the production. This isn’t a typical SL choice of beat, but then again is there a typical choice. The beat on this feels more fitting of PA Salieu as it doesn’t fit into SL‘s patented ‘Tropical Drill’ sound that he usually goes for. ‘Hit The Block’ is darker in feel and at the same time a further step away from traditional Drill. But as with all sounds, SL seems to be able to not only adapt but also excel on any variety of production. PA Salieu equally shows that he was not just a one hit wonder in ‘Frontline’ and he performs extremely well on this track.

Onto the artist’s performances and content. The track is aptly called ‘Hit The Block’ we get that gritty street narrative from both artists. PA Salieu kicks things off and sets pace quickly with a mix of dark wit alongside some of the traditional street tales. He does this all with the vibrance and unique style that brought him all that initial attention. It is on here that he is in his comfort zone for sure as this feels like he was having fun with it. It shows in how well he gets his message across with a variety of flows and quality bars all seemingly never having to overexert himself.

SL does what SL does and hits the most unorthodox flows but makes it sound good. So good it’s a surprise that other people haven’t tried to get that more unorthodox style or incorporate elements of it into their music. But maybe that’s just testament to SL being a one of one. Content wise it somehow encapsulates both standard Drill tropes and simultaneously a departure from them in that it’s a bit lighter than some of the most popular tracks of the genre.

Visually it’s an impressive one, joint directors Meeks and Frosty do a good job of translating the street nature without making it just another ‘hood’ video. This is done through the use of colour as well as the variety of editing techniques on display. It might not be the most unique video setting of all time, but it’s definitely one of the most interesting takes on the ‘hood’ video format.

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Hopefully, SL can build on what was a good last year for him and take things even further. For PA Salieu he is on form to have a great 2020, all he needs to keep doing is putting out work like he is.

You can stream ‘Hit The Block’ here.

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