Slowing Down Fast Fashion: Nows The Time To Upcycle Your Old Clothes

Seeing as we’re all stuck at home for the foreseeable future, now is a good time to explore and try out new skills and hobbies. For many of us that will be getting back into that book that’s been getting dusty on your shelf, trying out new healthy recipes or doing some home improvements. As for fashion lovers, a lot of us will be wallowing about the planned spring outfits we won’t be wearing. Giving yourself a good distraction, why not try sewing and learning how to do your own DIY repairs ! if you’re not the sewing type there are many ways to DIY and transform old items into new favourites in your wardrobe, with the added pride that you put to use your creativity to create something unique, as well as killing some otherwise unproductive time. 

With the fashion industry being one of the top industries contributing to global warming, upcycling is not only a  good past time but an essential way to slow down the booming fast-fashion trend. Getting into the habit of repairing your old items will save your bank account and the planet. 

Experimenting and seeing where it goes can be a good way to start, if your a little stuck on inspiration check Youtuber Matildah aka ‘Fashion Wizardry’ her videos show old basic item transformed into trendy cute pieces!

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For more inspiration on upcycling looks, check out London based vintage store Atika remix’s upcycled collection.

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