Sneakerheads Are Going Wild Over London Based Footwear Brand Clints, Here’s Why [@clintsinc]

Footwear brand designed by Junior Clints creates quality unique trainers as well as accessories including keychains and stickers and streetwear apparel. With the streetwear fashion scene being so saturated, its important for brands to bring something new to the table, really considering where there’s a gap in the market and keeping up with the times whilst staying authentic, this can be a tough challenge but Junior Clints has done it effortlessly. Clints provides a unique trainer combining contemporary streetwear with an outerwear utilitarian feel. Clints reflect a cool old skool hip hop aesthetic, bringing together the much-loved classic brown timberland boots known for their cool hip-hop look as well as utilitarian hiking boot feel with the fresh and youthful aspect similar to the Nike Air Max 95’s. Jumping on the old but classic chunky trainer style, attracts a range of customers from the trendsetters, the sneakerheads and the old skool obsessed customers. The chunky sole is an aspect in footwear we have seen come back with a boom, despite a lot of brands jumping on the wave, Clints still provides a design that is authentic and stands out from the rest this is hugely represented in the cool and creative graphics illustrated by @notthedeadguy on Instagram, used to illustrate the trainers and the brand’s slogan ‘Step Correct’ as well as providing a very interesting onboarding experience onto the site. The homepage designed to look like someone jumping with Clint’s trainers onto your screen, this instantly engaged me and made me curious about the brand. Clints have understood the importance of social media and visual representation of their branding and used this to create engaging content that has literally got customers begging to see more.

Clints launched the new collection on their website on the 1st of May and sold out the very same night. Through social media, people have been going wild over the trainers demanding for the brand to restock straight after selling out. With the trainers only dropping on the 1st of May, this is a success for Clints and an inspiration for aspiring designers to see what people are still able to accomplish even during a global pandemic. We can’t way to see what Clints has in store for us in the future.

Check out the full collection on Clints website

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