Someone wants [@Knucks_music] to take ‘Vows’

How did you guys let the buzz for Knucks drop so much since Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Since then he’s released a number of solid tracks, the latest being Vows.

“They tryna end my run but they better bring their armour, Tryna be big like Pun tryna be big like Poppa”

Vows is a banger. It’s very much got a fun vibe to it with more than a few cheeky lyrics. The production has that unique Knucks feel to it, a mix of mellow and base in a way that’s not really been replicated. But don’t let the fun aspect lead you to think there isn’t any lyrical content. Of course we get gifted with great lines like “had another just in like I’m Bieber”. Another thing that I didn’t take in from Breakfast at Tiffany’s but can clearly hear on vows is the flows. Knucks is incredibly diverse with it and seems to be able to seamlessly switch between them on the fly, which is no mean feat. Knucks himself says,
“The song is meant to be a fun and energetic track and a new style I’m
trying, mixing sampled hip hop with uk drill elements a ‘smooth drill’ if you will.
Beyond the track we get some crisp visuals. To that point this has never been an aspect Knucks has lacked in. He seems to have a passion for aesthetics both in his style but also in his visuals. Although often relying on very few people to be in the video Knucks still manages to capture a vibe. This time we get a bubbly, and uptempo mood whilst avoiding traditional rap video tropes. This is not to say he doesn’t have some in there – he does. But here it’s kind of hard to have a song with a hook about a woman and not feature an attractive woman. Knucks also gives us a sneaky preview at new song Cake at the end of the visual giving us something to look forward to.

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