Sophia Thakur Bares Her Truth In Debut Poetry Book “Somebody Give This Heart A Pen” [@sophiathakur]

Sophia Thakur

Sophia Thakur Embodies What It Means To Be A True Poet.

Dr. Maya Angelou said that poetry is to be magical, mystical, lyrical and musical. Sophia Thakur is one of those poets that embodies the lessons of the late and great Poet Dr. Maya Angelou. With her debut poetry book “Somebody Give This Heart A Pen” the Gambian-British performance poet explores the emotions of going through puberty, heartbreak, joy, and fear. Thakur has said the collection was inspired by her experience of being a girl of mixed-race heritage growing up in London. She speaks directly to her reader as she gives an honest account of how she navigates her own identity. 

Thakur told The Bookseller, “The book holds a microscope up to the silence that plays throughout our days. It seeks to understand how love can dance around our mouths, leaving its not so subtle subtlety on everything passing our lips. The poems look at how living and losing can both stick onto our behavior in equal amounts, and how losing is often a painful disguise for glorious rediscovery. The book slows down today’s ever-increasing pace of re-understanding identity, pulling in age, race, gender, and faith.”

Sophia Thakur

Thakur won her first poetry award at 18. Since then she has performed at Glastonbury, international conferences, and given multiple TED talks. Experience the world through the truthful lens of Sophia Thakur’s book of poetry “Somebody Give This Heart A Pen’ which is available to purchase now! 

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