[@Sosa_Yande] wants to know ‘Where Are You Now’ on her new track

Sosa Yande shares with us a story about loss and heartbreak on her new single ‘Where Are You Now?’

Sosa is not only a creative but a visionary, as she likes to sing with a creative imagery touch. On the track the songstress deals with the breakdown of her relationship with her lover. The pain of no longer having him around, and the struggle to move forward.

Singing over a sombre mix of string instruments and keys, there’s an element of fragility present in her voice as she opens up, admitting she is not doing as well as she thought, perfectly captured when she sings softly: “I was all right. I was all right. I’m not all right.”

Speaking on the release of the track she said: “Where are you now is a song I wrote around this time last year. It explores the joy and comfort of having someone in your life, how easily it can become a crutch, and how once gone it can create a deep hole in one’s heart.”

Singing is not the only talent she possesses as she has a keen eye for fashion. Currently studying a BA in Fashion Promotion and imaging. She runs her own website ‘Sosa Yande’, a platform for her to display projects she’s worked on and also hosts her personal blog. In which you can find more about her.

When it comes to balancing her music career and her love for fashion she says: I’ve always  been somewhat conflicted because I’m interested in so many different fields; photography, styling, visual communication, poetry, music… to a name a few. I’ve struggled in the past to label my ambition. That being said, I now call myself an Artist, that’s what I am. A multi-faceted artist.”

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Stream Sosa Yande’s ‘Where Are You Now’ below.

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