Stalk Ashley drops ‘Bona Carter Vol.1’

Jamaica’s Stalk Ashley drops some acoustic covers in her new Bona Carter series.

Bona Carter is going to be Stalk Ashley‘s series that she is seemingly going to dedicate to delivering acoustic covers of her tracks. She has kicked it off by covering her biggest track to date, ‘Young’ as well as the unreleased ‘Summer 16’. This acoustic cover shows that Stalk Ashley can hold her own in the R&B arena on whatever style of it she wants, not just the more modern take she’s known to traverse.

This Bona Carter entry strips ‘Young’ so much it almost sounds like a completely new track. This is not a cover that just takes the track and copies and pastes the original over the acoustic instrumentation, it slows things down and chops and changes the originals’ structure. So not only does she show her diversity across tempo and styles, she also shows her ability to creatively adapt her material to make it sound refreshing at will.

The ‘Summer 16’ portion is interesting because whilst it gives us a glimpse into the songs content, it gives no indication as to how its actually going to sound. That’s if she even plans on releasing it as a single. But as a teaser for a track, Ashley couldn’t have done a better job. If you even take just a brief glance at the comments you will see them littered with requests for the track to be dropped. That is testament to her talent but also a clear indication that she has a loyal and eager fanbase.

2020 is really the year of R&B, globally the talent has never looked so good simultaneously. Whether it’s the UK, US, or with Stalk Ashley Jamaica there is great R&B coming out. It’s a delight to see and here at GUAP, we will keep highlighting the best and brightest talent from across the globe, especially when it’s this good.

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You can stream the ‘Young’ portion of the first entry to the Bona Carter series here.

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